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The guides and rules of famous and less well-known card games such as Poker and its numerous variations, Black Jack or Trente et Quarante.


Baccarat is a casino card game that attracts high-rollers who love some kind of ostentation, well-developed betting system and playing ritual. High stakes are usually played in a separated lounge, which induces the feeling of privacy and safety. The principle of baccarat is a fight between two opponents, of which one of them is called "Player" and the other one "Banker". They try to beat each other in such way that the value (total) of their cards approaches number nine as much as possible. Read

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque is also known as "Baccarat à Deux Tableaux" – Baccarat on Two Tables. As for players the rules are the same as in Baccarat Chemin de Fer, but they differ in case of Banker. Casino always holds the bank. The Banker sits in the middle of an oval table so that he or she splits the table imaginary to the right and the left side. The Banker covers all the bets and he or she plays one hand against the two tables at the same time. Read

Black Jack

Black Jack (or Blackjack) is one of the most popular casino card games. Black Jack is sought by those players, who are not content with the result being dependent solely on chance. On the contrary, they may and want to influence their winning chances by appropriately chosen strategy. Read

Black Maria

Black Maria is a card game of the Hearts type, well-known, especially from the Windows operating system. Black Maria is a very old game, played for several centuries. The rules of the game are simple. We will show you how to play it, including for money. Read

Black Jack With Back Passing

Black Jack aka Twenty One is well-known and popular gambling card game. The game can exist in various modifications. We will focus on the variation with “Back Passing”. It is played mainly among friends in the pubs. Read

Hearts: Rules, Strategies, and How to Play for Money

Hearts is a well-known card game for four players (e.g., in the Windows environment), which can be played just for fun or for money. Even small stakes can spice up almost any game and provide motivation to strive for the best outcome. Learn how to play, master tactics, and explore fun modifications for an engaging gaming experience and playing for money. Read

Hearts Card Game Strategies: Mastering Play with Expert Tips

Hearts is a popular card game where strategy and gaming skills come into play. While luck plays its role, a smart and informed player can gain an advantage over less skilled opponents. Let's focus on various strategies such as which cards to pass to opponents, which ones to keep, how to get rid of cards, minimize risks of taking the Queen of spades, and more. Read


Poker is a worldwide known and one of the most popular card games. Hardly anybody has not heard of it or played it yet. Poker appears in old western movies, serials like MASH or in the last but one adaptation of the British Secret Service agent James Bond – Casino Royale. Read

Poker Draw

Poker Draw is the first form of classic Poker, the second one is 5-Card-Stud Poker. Acquirement of their principles is essential to understand any other Poker variation. Poker Draw consists of two parts: Deal and Draw (trade of cards). Read

5-Card Stud Poker

Five-Card Stud is the 2nd form of the classic Poker (the first is Poker Draw). The more popular variations like 7-Card-Stud and especially Texas Hold'em Poker originated from it. Read

7-Card Stud Poker

An exciting, complex and very popular variation of Poker is how the 7-Card Stud could be briefly characterized. The game is inspired by classic 5-Card Stud and perhaps Seven-Card Stud was invented to make the game more complex and interesting. Read

Omaha Hold'em Poker (Omaha High)

Omaha Hold'em is a community card Poker game related to the famous Texas Hold'em. What are the similarities and differences? Illustrations of making the best hand and things to beware of when playing Omaha. Read

Omaha Hi Lo Poker

Omaha Hi-Lo is even more complex Poker game than Omaha Hold'em (Omaha High). In principle the rules are common, however, as the name of the game suggests, a player can go for the best high and/or low hand. Read

Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold'em Poker is the most famous variation of Poker at present and as well as the most popular Poker game played online over the Internet. Read

Three-card Brag

Three-card Brag is an old British card game, dated back to the 16th century. Brag is a predecessor of Poker, especially of its variation Draw. Basic rules are very similar, however a few modifications or specialties can be found. Read

Online Poker Tournaments

Do you think that you are a good Poker player? You can make sure in the Poker tournaments played over the Internet! You can play for free in the freeroll tournaments or for real money. Read

Punto Banco: Nevada Baccarat

Punto Banco aka North American or Nevada Baccarat is a casino card game. Unlike Baccarat Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque, the rules are fixed and the result of the game depends strictly on chance. Punto Banco is played at an oval table with 12 seats. The participants of the game may bet on the Player or the Banker. Read

Twenty One (21) with Back Passing

Twenty One (21) is well-known and popular gambling card game. The game can exist in various modifications. We will focus on the variation with Back Passing. Read

Trente et Quarante, Rouge et Noir

Trente et Quarante (30 and 40), also known as Rouge et Noir (Red and Black), is a French casino game. The game originated in the 17th century and is interesting mainly for two reasons: (1) it is a specific card variation of the famous Roulette and (2) it gives house quite a small edge. Read