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We bring you the news from the world of gaming, which were missing on this website. We will inform you of the new games and articles to be found on this website as well.

Shrinkflation: Navigating Product Downsizing in an Inflationary Landscape

Explore the nuances of shrinkflation and understand why it's not always a deliberate tactic by producers. Discover how economic factors such as inflation and government policies influence consumer goods pricing strategies. Read
[12 June 2024]

Stagflation: Understanding Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Stagflation—an economic term that often lurks in the shadows, overshadowed by its more renowned counterpart, inflation. But what exactly is stagflation, and why does it matter? Let's delve into this elusive economic phenomenon. Read
[12 June 2024]

Bonds: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Bonds

Bonds are a fundamental component of the financial markets, serving as a crucial tool for governments, corporations, and investors alike. In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about bonds, including their types, yields, issuance process, trading dynamics, safety considerations, and their relationship with inflation. Read
[2 May 2024]

Movies With Casino and Betting Themes

Explore movies featuring gambling and casinos, including iconic titles like James Bond. Discover thrilling stories set in the world of risk and reward. Read
[11 March 2024]

James Bond Movies: Legendary Adventures of Agent 007

Delve into the iconic James Bond film series, featuring the suave Agent 007 and his thrilling adventures saving the world and charming his way through danger. Read
[11 March 2024]

Gold Price Breaks December 2023 Record: What's Next

It took gold three months to break the December 2023 record. How has the price of gold been evolving, what influences it, and what are the possible future scenarios? Read
[5 March 2024]

Cryptocurrencies: All You Need to Know

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world of finance, introducing decentralized digital currencies that operate on blockchain technology. Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding cryptocurrencies. Discover everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Learn about their features, uses, and market trends. Read
[15 February 2024]

AI on Roulette Betting Strategies: Insights and Analysis

Curious about effective roulette betting strategies, I engaged in a discussion with the ChatGPT AI language model to uncover insights and analysis. From evaluating the probabilities of various bet types to exploring renowned strategies like the Martingale system, delve into the conversation below for a comprehensive examination of roulette tactics and maximizing winning potential. Read
[3 February 2024]

Commodities: A Comprehensive Guide

Commodities play a crucial role in the global economy, serving as essential raw materials for various industries. In this guide, we will explore what commodities are, typical examples, how and where they are traded, ways to get exposure to commodities, and the cyclical nature of commodity markets. Read
[20 January 2024]

Black Maria: Card Game

Black Maria is a card game of the Hearts type, well-known, especially from the Windows operating system. Black Maria is a very old game, played for several centuries. The rules of the game are simple. We will show you how to play it, including for money. Read
[19 January 2024]

Artificial Intelligence Insights and Key Factors on Gold Price

What does artificial intelligence, specifically ChatGPT, think about the future significance and price of gold? Will it offer a deeper insight based on the vast amount of data it had to process during the learning process, which might elude a human mind? Read
[18 January 2024]

Hearts Card Game Strategies: Mastering Play with Expert Tips

Hearts is a popular card game where strategy and gaming skills come into play. While luck plays its role, a smart and informed player can gain an advantage over less skilled opponents. Let's focus on various strategies such as which cards to pass to opponents, which ones to keep, how to get rid of cards, minimize risks of taking the Queen of spades, and more. Read
[13 January 2024]

Hearts the Card Game: Rules, Strategies, Modifications and How to Play for Money

Hearts is a well-known card game for four players (e.g., in the Windows environment), which can be played just for fun or for money. Even small stakes can spice up almost any game and provide motivation to strive for the best outcome. Learn how to play, master tactics, and explore fun modifications for an engaging gaming experience and playing for money. Read
[13 January 2024]

Random Number Generation: From Pseudorandom to True Random

Generating random numbers without following a pattern, and thus making them predictable, and ensuring they have a corresponding distribution (i.e., so that some numbers do not occur more frequently than others in a long sequence) is a more complex task than it might initially seem. What is a random number generator, and what methods are used? Read
[8 January 2024]

Chance: Exploring the Mysteries of Randomness and Probability

What is chance, the mysterious force that sometimes shapes our destinies and influences the course or outcome of events, not only in betting or gambling? Does anything happen without any cause? How is chance practically utilized? What is a random event and a random experiment? Read
[2 January 2024]

Leap Year: Unraveling the Calendar Anomaly

In 2024, we will experience a leap year. The concept of a leap year is a fascinating aspect of our calendar system, introducing a necessary adjustment to keep our timekeeping in sync with the Earth's orbit around the Sun. While it is commonly known that a leap year occurs every four years, there are intriguing exceptions and calculations that contribute to the precision of our calendar. Explore the intrigue of leap years, from the four-year cycle to exceptions, impact on calendars, and unique traditions. Unravel the calendar anomaly! Read
[1 January 2024]

Celebrating the Last Day and New Year

The transition from the last day of the year to the New Year is a time filled with reflection, joy, and anticipation across the globe. As the clock ticks down, people around the world engage in various traditions and celebrations, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Read
[31 December 2023]

Bitcoin: A Comprehensive Overview

Explore the world of Bitcoin: from its decentralized nature to comparisons with fiat currency and gold. Learn about buying, storing, and the challenges it faces. Is it digital gold for real? What does the most famous investor Warren Buffett think about Bitcoin? A comprehensive guide to the leading cryptocurrency. Read
[28 December 2023]

An Argument for Divine Providence

You don't have to worry that we're changing the focus of our server. Let's look at one of the oldest mathematical or probabilistic proofs, dating back to 1710. Dr. John Arbuthnott systematically studied the numbers of births and their genders for the past 82 years. He came to the conclusion that larger numbers of male births than female births are not the result of chance but of divine providence. How did he reason? Read
[26 December 2023]

Is Buying Stocks a Game of Chance?

Those who trade on the stock market are sometimes labeled as gamblers, likening stock purchases to visits to a casino. Sometimes, these claims may not be far from the truth. However, as always, when two do the same, it's not the same. Under what conditions is buying stocks a sensible investment, and when can it be considered a gamble? Read
[25 December 2023]

Moral Hazard

Moral hazard occurs when an individual, entity, or society doesn't fully bear the risk or consequences of its actions. This is often mitigated by insurance, (government) guarantees, bailouts, etc. A person may (or may not) tend to behave differently when not fully accountable for their actions or when consequences are softened. Here are some examples. Read
[25 December 2023]

Friday the 13th: Myth and History

For many, thirteen is an unlucky number, and especially Friday the 13th is a phenomenon that keeps some superstitious people in bed. There's even a scientific term for the pathological fear of the number 13 – triskaidekaphobia. Where does the fear or presumed misfortune associated with the number 13 come from? Read
[25 December 2023]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

As the holiday season sparkles, may your days be filled with joy, luck, and memorable moments. Wishing you a Merry Christmas surrounded by loved ones and a New Year (2024 will be a leap year) brimming with excitement, prosperity, and winning hands. Let the games of life unfold in your favor! Cheers to a fantastic year ahead!

PF 2024

Figure: PF 2024!

Backgammon Rules Explained: Easy Guide for Beginners

Unlock the secrets of Backgammon effortlessly. Our guide simplifies the rules, making it accessible for beginners. Dive into the game confidently, whether you're a newcomer or found other guides confusing. Start your Backgammon journey today. Read
[23 December 2023]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Demystified

Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents systems capable of performing tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. It utilizes machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. AI permeates many industries and is revolutionizing the world around us and our daily lives. This article explores the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, its applications, and incredible potential for the future. Discover the essence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – its definition, functions, and remarkable impact on diverse sectors. Uncover the fascinating world of AI, from machine learning to real-world applications. Read
[23 December 2023]

ChatGPT: Unleashing Conversational AI Power

Discover ChatGPT, OpenAI's advanced language model. Explore its ability to understand and generate human-like responses, revolutionizing interactive AI experiences. Read
[23 December 2023]

AlphaZero: World Chess Champion in 4 Hours!

In 1996, the supercomputer DeepBlue defeated the reigning world chess champion, Garry Kasparov. Since then, computer chess has evolved rapidly, with chess engines reaching a level where they effortlessly beat the best human players today. But what happens when Google enters the world of chess? Read
[23 December 2023]

Legend on the Origin of Chess

Unveil the captivating legend of chess, a timeless invention attributed to the brilliant Indian scholar Sissa ben Dahir over 2000 years ago. The scholar only requested a humble gift for the invention of chess: to place on the first chessboard square one grain of wheat, on the second two grains, on the third four grains, on the fourth eight, and so on. Read
[23 December 2023]

Chess for Money

Chess is the royal game, or at least that's what they say. It's not a gambling game because its outcome doesn't depend on chance but on skills and abilities. Nevertheless, chess can also be spiced up with small bets, playing for money. Read
[23 December 2023]

Coin Toss

Although even coin tossing could be the subject of bets (we'll show you how), it is more commonly used as an element of chance for various decision-making situations. For example, determining who will kick off in football or who will endure a round of drinks at a social event. More complex bets involve more than just the outcome of a single toss, bringing probability into play. Read
[23 December 2023]


What are investments and their goals? Learn about financial and real investments, the difference between gambling and investing, and more. Read
[18 December 2023]

Investment Triangle

The investment triangle is a useful tool for every investor. The vertices of the investment triangle consist of yield, risk, and liquidity. A clear explanation of individual elements, rules derived from the investment triangle, and examples. Read
[18 December 2023]


Dividend is a share of a company's profit typically paid to its shareholders on quarterly basis or once in a year. It is a pleasant matter associated with holding stocks. As a shareholder, you own a part of the company, even if it's a negligible stake. You bear the risk of business operations, for which you have the right to be rewarded in the form of a share in the profit. Read
[18 December 2023]


Many people consider stocks to be something virtual, very risky, fearing a decline in their market value, or even the company's bankruptcy. They may have their own (bad) experiences from the past, etc. And those who buy them may be labeled as gamblers by some people. How can we perceive stocks? Read
[16 December 2023]


Inflation is an important economic concept that affects the daily lives of individuals and entire economies. In this article, we will explore various definitions and types of inflation, how it is measured, its impacts, and ways to protect against it. Read
[16 December 2023]


Gold is a rare and valuable metal that has been admired and sought after for centuries for its beauty and value. What is gold, where does it come from, what properties does it have, its uses, and investing in gold? Read
[14 December 2023]


Explore the versatility of silver, a precious metal valued for its shiny surface, high conductivity, and resistance to corrosion. Widely used in jewelry, electronics, medicine, and pivotal in the green transition, supporting sustainable technologies across various industries. Read
[14 December 2023]


Copper is a noble metal with a characteristic reddish-brown color, boasting a long history in human culture and industry. In the future, it is poised to play a significant role in the transition to green energy. Additionally, the price trends of copper serve as an indicator of economic conditions, signaling impending growth or crisis. Read
[14 December 2023]

Price of Gold Surpassed the Historic Record from August 2020

On Friday, December 1, 2023, the price of gold closed at $2089.70 per troy ounce (31.1 g), surpassing the three-year-old record of $2072.50 from August 7, 2023. During today's Monday trading (December 4, 2023) in Asia, the price of gold even exceeded the $2100 mark per troy ounce. What influences the price of gold, and will we witness more records? Read
[4 December 2023]

PF 2023!

Dear reader, let me wish you health, happiness and lot of reasons for good mood in the New Year 2023!
[1 January 2023]

PF 2022!

Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness in the New Year ahead!
[1 January 2022]

US Presidential Election: Trump or Biden?

Is Joe Biden, the favored candidate of the Democratic Party, going to win or is there going to be another surprise and republican Donald Trump defends the presidential mandate? What do bookmakers think? Read
[1 November 2020]

Sean Connery, the First James Bond, Dies Aged 90

Today is a sad day for all fans of the great British/Scottish actor Sean Connery. Among other things he become famous as the first actor to play the legendary movie character James Bond aka Agent 007 with licence to kill. Read
[31 October 2020]

Two Beagles – A Remarkable Probability Puzzle

Two beagles is a remarkable probability riddle by Marilyn von Savant, a woman with the highest IQ in the world (218 points) who is written down in the Guinness Book of Records. She often contributes with similar probability riddles a magazine. Read
[16 March 2015]

Ben Affleck Banned from Black Jack for Counting Cards

Ben Affleck, who is a very good Black Jack player, might have played his last hand, at least at the Hard Rock casino, Las Vegas. Security caught him counting cards. It is a legal technique—but highly unpopular in casinos’ eyes—where a player may get the advantage to his side. Read
[3 May 2014]

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a U.S. number lottery. The historically biggest jackpot worldwide was hit right in this game. The jackpot amounting to $656 million was split among three players. What are the odds of winning and long-term average expected outcome? Read
[17 April 2014]

Poker Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is an absolutely crucial poker strategy used by poker professionals that represents a safe handling of player's poker funds and helps overcome a period of bad luck and losses (also known as the downswing). No player can avoid such period during his poker career. Learn simple and by practice verified rules of bankroll management. Read
[21 August 2013]

How to Calculate ROI in Poker

ROI stands for Return On Investment and in poker terms is used as a measure of player's long-term average profitability. However, in worse case, it may be also negative. Take a look at the general formula and explanatory examples of ROI calculation in poker. Read
[12 August 2013]

Poker Variance Calculation for 9 Player Sit and Go

This is a follow-up of the previous article, this time focused right on poker. How to calculate the expected profit and the variance for a single poker tournament and for a specific number of Sit and Go tournaments (SNGs) played. The practical meaning and the impact of poker variance. A must for a serious poker player. Read
[8 August 2013]

Variance Calculation Explained!

A simple and illustrative example of variance calculation and its practical meaning and utilization. We will calculate expected profitability (in a way that can be applied to operation of any game or to the game of poker) and variance as possible deviations from the expected profit. After that you will be e.g. able to answer the question "How many hands do I have to play not to lose a dollar with the 99% likelihood?" Detailed explanatory comments included. Read
[3 August 2013]

Poker Variance and $ EV Adjusted

Variance is a statistical measure that shows how much the short-term values may vary from the expected mean value (or long-term average in other words). There is no need to be afraid of this language of statistics as the variance will be explained clearly based on the examples. Additionally we will address a way of how we can measure whether we are lucky or unlucky by the $ EV Adjusted. Read
[30 July 2013]

Bet on Gold – Treatise on Gold and Money

A bit untypical article on our website, however it deserves to be here for various reasons. Until recently the price of gold has been growing steadily over the last ten years. It attracted the attention of mass media and thus, as well, of ordinary people who would not care for gold before. They were often enticed by sensational forecasts of how high the price of gold could rise and they simply made their own bets on gold too. However the price of gold has gone down recently. Is buying of gold today a gamble? Read
[16 July 2013]

Shell Game (Thimblerig)

Shell game is a well-known gambling game with a simple principle. The shell man puts a small ball under one of the three shells and then shuffles them. The player tries to guess under which shell the ball is placed and if successful he is paid 1:1. The game is played on the street and has a hallmark of dishonesty. This was also confirmed by a court. However, were its arguments convincing? Read
[11 July 2013]

Steady Winning in a Lottery?

Various resources such as articles, guides or SW demo versions often occur on the Internet and promise stable winning or improved winning chances in a lottery. Nothing in the world is completely accidental, they say, and thus some special codes or dependencies can be observed to raise winning chances. Let us have a look at that through the theory of probability plus we address also smart(er) betting. Read
[6 June 2013]

Three Door Puzzle aka Monty Hall Problem

Three door problem is a remarkable probability puzzle or brain teaser, especially due to its surprising counterintuitive solution. Sometimes it is known as Monty Hall problem according to the host of a popular US television game show Let's make a deal. Read
[4 June 2013]

Would You Like to Win a Huge Jackpot in a Lottery?

A vision of winning a nice sum of money in a lottery is for many very congenial. An ultimate opportunity to change one's life, leave from boring work, buy a dream house and a dream car, travel, enjoy the freedom that money brings about. However each coin has two sides and so the winning in a lottery has the dark side too. Read
[1 June 2013]


Powerball is a U.S. number lottery. On Wednesday 28 November 2012 there was a record jackpot of $587.5 million that was shared by two winners. The odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 175 million. Let us have a close look at the game, its probabilities and expected return in the long run. Read
[18 May 2013]

Is There a Guaranteed Way of Winning at Roulette?

Roulette is a grateful topic of internet discussions. Over and over again guides, hints or systems occur, promising a guaranteed way of winning at Roulette. The camp of discussants is divided into advocates and opponents that eagerly fight for their arguments. This inspired us to write this article. Is there a guaranteed way to win at Roulette? Read
[17 May 2013]


EuroJackpot is another multinational lottery game played in twelve European countries. As the name of the game suggests, the jackpot is common and can grow steadily to sky high levels. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is 10 million euros. The maximum jackpot is theoretically unlimited as the cap was removed. What are the odds of winning the top prize, which is the whole EuroJackpot? Read
[8 May 2013]


EuroMillions is a European multinational lottery. The game is facilitated by a British company, but it can also be played via the partners in Italy, Ireland, Spain, France and Germany. Thanks to this interconnection the jackpot, which is common, can be huge and grow rapidly. What is the probability to win the main prize and the player’s expected return? Read
[25 April 2013]

Czech Republic to Open the Lottery Market

Czech Republic will have to open the lottery or betting market to foreign competitors from the European Union. The European Commission criticizes the Czech Lottery Act as discriminative over a long period as the Act forces the foreign betting companies to set up branches in the Czech Republic. The European Commission refused the arguments of the Czech government definitely. Read
[14 March 2013]

Why Is 13 an Unlucky Number

A few days of the New Year 2013 have passed... Number 13 is for many an unlucky number; especially Friday 13th is the phenomenon, why some superstitious people fear to get up from their beds. There is even a scientific term for this kind of phobia. Where does the fear or believed bad luck come from? Read
[13 Jan 2013]

Test of Betting on Red or Black Color in Roulette

Red or black color is a very popular way of betting in Roulette. However will this 100k simulation of Roulette spins prove that it is a good strategy to win or preserve a reasonable balance in the long run? Read
[13 Sep 2012]

Martingale System 3rd Grand Test with Unlimited Bets

The third grand test of the famous Martingale system removes the limit of the maximum bet. Only very big casinos can afford that. If we had enough capital, then in theory, we could double our bets almost infinitely. A practical issue remains how much would be bearable for our wallet and psychics. Is the balance going to be positive after 100,000 Roulette spins in this test and is Martingale going to prove its theoretical invincibility? Read
[12 Sep 2012]

Gambler's Illusion in Roulette: Red or Black Color?

The article deals with a frequent illusion of Roulette players that consists in their expectation that if the same color has come up several past spins then it raises likeliness for the other color to appear. Unfortunately it is just a delusion that can lead to a tough landing. Read
[11 Sep 2012]

Martingale System 2nd Grand Test with Micro Bets

Once again the following test brings about the famous Martingale system in Roulette. The minimum and the maximum bets are limited too, however, this time the minimum bet is very low (therefore "micro bets" in the title), which enables to double the bets more times until we reach the top limit in case of long losing series. Read
[10 Sep 2012]

Martingale System 1st Grand Test with Betting Limits

The first grand test of the famous Martingale system in Roulette, based on simulation of 100,000 spins, including statistics, best and worst series. Does Martingale system work or does the test prove the trickiness of doubling the bets? Read
[8 Sep 2012]

Last Poker Hand in Casino Royale

Last game of the poker tournament in the movie Casino Royale (2006), in which Daniel Craig aka James Bond beats the bad guy Le Chiffre and grabs $115 million. The final hand worked perfectly for him. However, what was the odds on the beginning and through the play? Read
[23 June 2012]

Ten Spot Keno

Ten spot Keno is the most typical Keno game. What are the true odds, probabilities and house edge when playing Keno in the long run? Read
[16 June 2012]


Keno is a famous lottery gambling game. It is played at casinos all over the world, but it is also offered by national lottery companies along with other lotteries. Explore Keno from the probability point of view. Read
[14 June 2012]

First Fine Imposed on Poker Tournament Organizers in the Czech Republic

The first fine of 40 thousand Czech crowns ($2,000) was imposed by the local tax authority on the organizers of the poker tournaments held in the towns Přerov and Uničov, Czech Republic. The fine is based on the controversial new lottery legislation. Read
[31 May 2012]

Cheating at Cards

There are many cheating techniques in cards. Marking, pushing a good card to a fellow player, controlled shuffling and dealing from the bottom or even the middle of a deck. Some can be done by very skillful scammers only. A perfect poker scam can be seen on this page. How to recognize cheating and what to do. Read
[21 May 2012]

Brag – Three-Card Poker Predecessor

Three-card Brag is an old British card game, dated back to the 16th century. Brag is considered to be a predecessor of Poker, especially of its variation Draw. Basic rules are very similar to Poker, however a few modifications or specialties can be found. Brag is a game of trickery and good nerves. Read
[16 May 2012]

Investment Expected Return and Risk

The article deals with another utilization of the concept of the expected value, this time in investment area. For illustration and training purposes we will pick up a few stocks and demonstrate quite simple but the more enlightening calculation of investment expected return and risk for both individual stocks and the entire portfolio. Read
[17 Apr 2012]

Black Jack – Rules & Strategy

Black Jack (or Blackjack) is one of the most popular casino card games. Black Jack is sought by those players, who are not happy with the result being dependent on chance only. On the contrary they strive to influence their winning chances by appropriately chosen strategy. The best way of play (perfect Blackjack) can even gain an edge over the dealer, which is rarely seen in most of the casino games. Read
[14 Apr 2012]

Dice Deception

Dice deceptions are as old as dice games themselves. As it seems people were always tempted to gain an upper ground, despite not necessarily in a fair manner. Dice relicts were discovered all over the world. Dice motifs were also found on paintings coming from Ancient Egypt, that is more than 3000 years BC. Read
[14 Mar 2012]

The Best Bet in Roulette

Which of the numerous Roulette bets is the best one? Does something like that even exist? Let us follow theoretical assumptions and a practical research that was carried out in 1972. Read
[7 Mar 2012]

Roulette Record Series

How many times in a row has a little ball landed in the same pocket of a Roulette wheel, i.e. how many times has a single number occurred in a row? And how about the same color? What is the probability of these events and a potential impact on a play? Read
[6 Mar 2012]

Is Poker a Game of Skill or Chance?

This question is highly up-to-date at the present time as some countries for various reasons try to restrict or even ban poker, claiming that is a gambling game or a game of chance. The popularity of poker has been growing rapidly and its followers argue that it is a game of skill. Read
[23 Feb 2012]

New Czech Lottery Act (2012)

Since 1 January 2012 a new Czech Lottery Act came into force. How does it change a life of an ordinary player, but also online business of foreign betting companies? The act is highly controversial from many angles. To support this statement let us have a look at the act through pro-arguments and counter-arguments. Read
[9 Feb 2012]

Expected Return and Risk in Business

The article deals with another example of how the expected value, as a very powerful and universal tool, can be used – this time in business. We will be able to make a qualified choice between two products (that we can manufacture) based on the expected return and associated risk. Read
[25 Jan 2012]

Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are a popular form of lottery mainly due to two reasons. Firstly, it is a low cost gambling with high potential winnings and secondly, whether you win or lose is determined instantly, there is no need to wait for a drawing. Read
[23 Jan 2012]

A New Game: Baccarat

Baccarat is the latest addition to the card games on this website. It is an exciting casino card game with high stakes and superb atmosphere. Baccarat was often played in James Bond movies. The game exists in three variations: Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque. Read
[12 Jan 2012]

Sports Betting Strategy Promising Long-term Success

What is the key to success in sports book? We will outline the basic mathematical strategy, which promises the chance of success in the long-term period, incl. illustrative examples. You can also utilize our automatic Odds Calculator created in MS Excel that determines, whether and how much are the offered odds favorable for you or not. Read
[4 Jan 2012]

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