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Sportsbook – The Articles on Sports Betting

The articles devoted to popular sports betting that deal with odds determination and calculation, basic strategy for long-term success, including betting tips to improve winning chances.

Sports Betting Tips to Improve Winning Chances

Sports betting has its charm and sworn followers as they make their own luck. The betters may fully utilize and capitalize on their knowledge, information preparation, skill and intuition. See the tips to improve your winning chances in sportsbook! Read

Odds in Sporting Bets

What are the odds and how to calculate them? What does it mean if a bookmaker offers e.g. the odds 1.5 for victory of a home team in some football match? — What is the related probability to win? Clearly demonstrated on simple examples. Read

Sportsbook Strategy

What is the key to success in sports betting? The article outlines the basic mathematical strategy that promises a chance of success in the long run. Moreover it deals with some preconditions for not just reaching but also preserving the black numbers. Read

An automatic Odds Calculator in MS Excel

This is not an article, but you can download our free odds calculator (created in MS Excel, 22KB), which is able to determine whether the odds offered by a bookmaker are favorable for you or not. It is simple to use. The instructions are included in the spreadsheet, but you may like to read about the strategy in sports betting first, where you can find a preview and additional information.