Dr. No (1962): 1st Bond Movie

The first Bond movie in which the charismatic Sean Connery appeared. The story takes place in Jamaica, where James Bond investigates the death of a British secret service agent.


His investigation leads him to the mysterious Chinese scientist Dr. No, who has plans to take over the world and resides on the strictly guarded and myth-enshrouded Crab Key island. Bond's allies in the mission are his CIA colleague Felix Leiter and shell collector Honey Ryder. Ursula Andress portrayed her as the first Bond girl in the film, famously appearing in a bikini.

Genesis of Bond Movie Elements

In the first film, several elements that became characteristic of all subsequent Bond films are introduced: typical title sequences often following the opening scene, which became a rule since the second Bond film From Russia with Love, the title song – Bond song, Bond's girl/companion – Bond girl, Bond's drink – vodka martini, shaken not stirred, technical gadgets, etc.

Bond Music

Dr. No sets the musical theme for the entire Bond franchise, establishing the iconic sound that would become synonymous with James Bond. Composed by Monty Norman, the theme features a distinctive blend of surf guitar, brass, and strings, creating a sense of intrigue, danger, and sophistication. This combination of musical elements perfectly captures the essence of Bond: suave, daring, and always one step ahead of his adversaries.


Role Actor Role Description
James Bond Sean Connery The main character, a British MI6 secret agent.
Honey Ryder Ursula Andress A tall and beautiful woman who collects shells.
Dr. Julius No Joseph Wiseman A criminal with a robotic arm.
M Bernard Lee The head of the British MI6 secret service.
Moneypenny Lois Maxwell M's assistant.
Q Peter Burton A technical expert who provides Bond with special equipment.
Felix Leiter Jack Lord An American CIA agent and friend of James Bond.
Professor Dent Anthony Dawson A criminal and accomplice of Dr. No.
Miss Taro Zena Marshall An associate and accomplice of Dr. No.
Sylvia Trench Eunice Gayson Romantic interest in James Bond.

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