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The Rules of Reasonable Gambling

The rules of reasonable gambling can be put into three points: (1) have a good mood, (2) know the game(s) and true mathematical odds, (3) set your limits. Sometimes a great deal of discipline is necessary to keep these rules. Although it is not always easy, doing so will be compensated for by higher winning chances and/or elimination of unnecessary losses.

Play in the Good Mood

Playing of casino & gambling games can be compared to sport or any other activities when it is essential to concentrate and deliver good performance. If you are ill, having bad mood or depressions, give gambling a wide berth as it is very likely that your play would just mirror your state of mind. Drinks belong to gambling, but be careful as too much alcohol can lead you to more adventurous decisions with quick losses to follow.

Know the Game & True Mathematical Odds

Familiarize yourself with the casino games properly – study the rules, advantages and disadvantages and especially – know the true mathematical odds. There can be a big difference between the true odds and those paid off by the house. You can also have a look at some common myths and mistakes when assessing probability.

Improve your winning chances by using the most advantageous bets, while avoiding the worst ones. The best bets are those that bring the house the lowest edge. You may also try to use some betting systems & strategies. They do not secure an automatic win as some could claim unfairly, but they bring a sort of system and order into the game.

Set the Limits & Stay Disciplined

Before you start playing, set the limits for both losses and wins. Yes, for wins too, no matter how illogical it may sound, it has the purpose. You will reach your goal and nobody will take your win away. Trying your fortune might bring some extra profit, but if this fails and your win drops, the attempts to conquer back the lost terrain can lead to catastrophe (overall loss). Moreover the more you play the more you increase the house edge due to probability theory.

It is important and reasonable to set the limits for losses. It is the amount, which you can afford to lose (not want to lose). But being mentally prepared for this and keeping the limits is even more important. If you are unlucky and lose all your limit money then stop playing or even better – which is real hard – leave the game!