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Bond Movies: Stories of Agent 007

The term Bond movies refers to the cult film series whose main character is James Bond, an agent of the British Secret Service MI6, with the code name Agent 007 or simply 007.

A Long Film Series

Bond movies are one of the longest and most successful film series in history. It wasn't long ago (2012) when the twenty-third film, Skyfall, was released in theaters, coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of the first Bond movie (Dr. No, 1962). And the latest Bond movie, the twenty-fifth in the series, titled No Time to Die, was filmed in 2021.

Lieutenant Columbo

Figure: Sean Connery, The First James Bond (source: Craiyon)


Six actors have portrayed Agent James Bond:

  1. Sean Connery;
  2. George Lazenby;
  3. Roger Moore;
  4. Timothy Dalton;
  5. Pierce Brosnan;
  6. Daniel Craig.

Production and Source Material

Eon Productions is the producer of Bond movies. Its films are referred to as official. Apart from the twenty-five official Bond movies, three unofficial ones (produced outside Eon Productions) have been made.

The source material for Bond movies consists of the novels and stories by Ian Fleming, although some later films had their own storyline and differed significantly from the original book versions.

The Iconic Agent 007

Agent 007 has become a global icon. Always suave, charismatic, and charming, he effortlessly saves the world and, with equal ease, charms beautiful women. Many of his original adversaries end up siding with him, although many pay for it with their lives.

Enjoying life to the fullest, Bond indulges in luxury cars, clothing, accessories, and drinks. Besides his favorite vodka martini – shaken, not stirred – with a twist of lemon peel, he also enjoys Dom Pérignon champagne.

His survival in various times and places, regardless of the political regime, is often aided by his wit and the ingenious gadgets provided by Q, the chief inventor of the British Secret Service. Remarkably, Bond manages to survive in different times and places without regard to the political regime, just as in the movies.

James Bond also enjoys visiting casinos, where his skill, elegance, and necessary luck often provoke his opponents to the brink of madness or generously save damsels in distress. His favorite games include baccarat, but he also enjoys playing roulette, dice, and in the film Casino Royale from 2006, he even plays the globally popular Texas Hold'em poker.

Characteristics of Every Bond Movie

Famous Bond Gadgets

List of Bond Movies

A complete list of Bond movies with the year of the film's premiere, the portrayal of James Bond, and his bond girl(s).

No. Title Year James Bond Bond Girls
1 Dr. No 1962 Sean Connery Ursula Andress, Zena Marshall
2 From Russia With Love 1963 Sean Connery Daniela Bianchi, Lotte Lenya
3 Goldfinger 1964 Sean Connery Honor Blackman, Shirley Eaton
4 Thunderball 1965 Sean Connery Claudine Auger, Luciana Paluzzi
5 You Only Live Twice 1967 Sean Connery Akiko Wakabayashi, Mie Hama
6 On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969 George Lazenby Diana Rigg, Ilse Steppat
7 Diamonds Are Forever 1971 Sean Connery Jill St. John, Lana Wood
8 Live and Let Die 1973 Roger Moore Jane Seymour, Gloria Hendry
9 The Man With the Golden Gun 1974 Roger Moore Britt Eklandová, Maud Adamsová.
10 The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 Roger Moore Barbara Bach, Caroline Munro
11 Moonraker 1979 Roger Moore Lois Chiles, Corinne Cléry
12 For Your Eyes Only 1981 Roger Moore Carole Bouquet, Lynn-Holly Johnson
13 Octopussy 1983 Roger Moore Maud Adams, Kristina Wayborn
14 A View to a Kill 1985 Roger Moore Tanya Roberts, Grace Jones
15 The Living Daylights 1987 Timothy Dalton Maryam d'Abo, Jeroen Krabbé
16 Licence to Kill 1989 Timothy Dalton Carey Lowell, Talisa Soto
17 GoldenEye 1995 Pierce Brosnan Izabella Scorupco, Famke Janssen
18 Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 Pierce Brosnan Michelle Yeoh, Teri Hatcher
19 The World Is Not Enough 1999 Pierce Brosnan Sophie Marceau, Denise Richards
20 Die Another Day 2002 Pierce Brosnan Halle Berry, Rosamund Pike
21 Casino Royale 2006 Daniel Craig Eva Green, Caterina Murino
22 Quantum of Solace 2008 Daniel Craig Gemma Arterton, Olga Kurylenko
23 Skyfall 2012 Daniel Craig Bérénice Marlohe, Naomie Harris
24 Spectre 2015 Daniel Craig Monica Bellucci, Léa Seydoux
25 No Time to Die 2021 Daniel Craig Léa Seydoux, Ana de Armas, Lashana Lynch

Unofficial Bond Movies

No. Title Year James Bond Bond Girls
1 Casino Royale 1954 Barry Nelson Linda Christian
2 Casino Royale 1967 Peter Sellers Ursula Andress
3 Never Say Never Again 1983 Sean Connery Kim Basinger


The Bond movies have left an indelible mark on popular culture, captivating audiences for decades with their thrilling action, sophisticated charm, and iconic characters. From Sean Connery's suave portrayal to Daniel Craig's gritty intensity, each actor brought their own flair to the role of James Bond, making the character a timeless icon of espionage and intrigue.

As the series continues to evolve with the changing times, one thing remains constant: the enduring appeal of 007 and his adventures. Whether he's thwarting villainous plots, seducing femme fatales, or outsmarting his enemies with cutting-edge gadgets, James Bond will always be the quintessential spy, beloved by audiences around the world.

So here's to Bond, James Bond, and the thrilling escapades that have kept us on the edge of our seats for generations.

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Based on the original Czech article: Bondovky – filmy o agentu 007 Jamesi Bondovi.