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Dice Poker

Dice Poker is a simple game with a quick drift to events. The game is inspired by the well-known card version of Poker. Dice Poker is played with five dice, which have different figures. The goal of the game is to roll the highest combination possible. Compared to the card version of Poker there is no element of bluffing.

The Rules of Dice Poker

The number of players of the Dice Poker is not limited. Each player wagers the same amount of money, the highest poker combination/hand takes it all. The first player rolls five dice. If the player likes the hand he or she may decide to keep up with just one roll. Then the other players have also only one attempt.

It may happen in the situation when the first player thinks it is going to be difficult for other players to overcome his or her dice Poker combination. Generally the number of rolls is set according to the first player.

The first player can keep a specific hand if he or she is satisfied – for example three kings, then he or she rolls the remaining two dice. After the player finishes the round he or she hands over the dice to the next player. The variation with two rounds is the most usual. However the players can agree upon the third roll. Again the highest hand wins.

If two or more players have an equal combination, then the winner is determined by the next roll with five dice.

Dice Poker Combinations

Hand rankings come from the card version of Poker and they are as follow (from the strongest to the weakest hand):