Vingt-Trois (23, Twenty Three)

Vingt-Trois (from French 23) is a game derived from Roulette. Another old clone of Roulette is La Boule. The bowl (with the ball) is closed under a transparent cover and is spun by a sprocket-wheel system. Vingt-trois has got only 14 numbers, which are placed in 27 pockets.

The name Vingt-Trois is derived from the payout 23:1 on single numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 – each of these numbers has got only one pocket in the bowl. Numbers from 5 to 11 have two pockets and the payout is 11:1. Finally numbers 12, 13 and 14 have three pockets with the payout 7:1.

The only even-money bets (payout 1:1) are Red or Black. The colors on the wheel alternate just like in Roulette. The even-money bets are lost immediately if number 13 comes up (represented thrice in the wheel). The thirteen marked white or yellow has the similar function as zero in Roulette, of course without a possibility to freeze the bets.

The house edge or guaranteed profit is 11.11% for all bets – similarly like in La Boule. There is one speciality in Vingt-Trois. Unlike Roulette or La Boule a croupier announces Rien ne va plus! (No more bets!) before setting the wheel in motion.

Vingt-Trois Layout

Vingt-trois Layout