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Octopussy (1983): 13th Bond Movie

Octopussy (1983) is the 13th installment and the sixth (penultimate) one in which Roger Moore plays the role of agent James Bond. Agent 007 is tasked with tracking down Russian General Orlov, who is stealing priceless jewels from the region. His investigation leads him to wealthy Afghan prince-in-exile Kamal Khan and his business partner Octopussy. James Bond uncovers a conspiracy aimed at voluntary disarmament of Europe and paving the way for a Soviet invasion of the continent.


Bond's colleague, critically wounded agent 009, disguised as a clown, staggers into the British Embassy in East Berlin, dropping a fake Fabergé egg from his hand upon falling to the floor. The British Secret Service MI6 immediately suspects Soviet involvement, as the real egg is supposed to be auctioned in London. MI6 sends Bond to track down the seller.

At the auction, Bond calls the waiter to get a closer look at the egg. He skillfully manages to swap the real egg with a fake one. Bond then decides to gauge how much someone wants the egg. This leads to a bidding war with Afghan prince-in-exile Kamal Khan, and Bond eventually forces him to pay 500,000 pounds for the fake egg.

Bond travels to Khan's palace in Rajasthan, India. Khan plays backgammon, winning with the help of loaded dice. Bond accepts the challenge and defeats Khan after asking for his own dice, which roll double sixes. Provocatively, he adds a phrase previously used by Khan himself: "It's all in the wrist." Khan advises him to spend his winnings quickly and instructs his bodyguard Gobinda to kill him. Bond manages to escape with his Indian contact Vijay.

Khan sends his accomplice Magda to seduce Bond and steal the real Fabergé egg from him. However, Bond has installed a listening device in it. Bond notices Magda's tattoo – blue octopuses. Gobinda captures Bond and takes him to Khan's palace. However, Bond manages to escape, and with the help of the listening device in the Fabergé egg, he learns that Khan is collaborating with Orlov, a Soviet general who is obsessed with expanding the Soviet Union's borders into Europe.

After his escape, Bond infiltrates the palace in Udaipur, India, where he meets its owner Octopussy, a wealthy woman who runs a female cult, of which Magda is a member. In her palace, Bond discovers that Orlov supplies Khan with priceless Soviet jewels and replaces them with mere replicas. Khan smuggles the genuine items to the West through Octopussy's circus troupe. The next circus performance is scheduled to take place in East German Saxony (now Chemnitz, then Karl-Marx-Stadt), where Orlov is to meet Khan.

Bond infiltrates the circus carriage, where he discovers that Orlov has placed a nuclear warhead in the circus cannon instead of the smuggled jewels. It is timed to explode during a performance at an American airbase in West Germany. Orlov anticipates that the explosion of an "American" bomb would be attributed to an accident, leading to pressure for disarmament and clearing the way for a Soviet invasion of Europe.

Bond uses Orlov's car and boards a moving train, while Orlov is shot by East German border guards while attempting to cross the border. Bond also kills knife-throwing twins Mishka and Grishka as revenge for the death of agent 009. Disguised as a clown, he infiltrates the circus tent during a performance. Bond convinces Octopussy that Khan has betrayed her by showing her one of the jewels she was supposed to smuggle for him, and she helps him deactivate the nuclear warhead, which Bond successfully does at the last moment.

Bond and Octopussy return to India and attack Khan's palace. Khan and his henchman Gobinda attempt to escape in a small plane, but Bond hangs onto the plane's fuselage and manages to disable one of the engines. Khan sends Gobinda out to kill Bond, but Bond hits him with a spring-loaded antenna, and Gobinda falls. Bond frees Octopussy and jumps from the crashing plane onto a nearby cliff, while Khan dies crashing into a rock. General Gogol and M handle the jewels, while Bond enjoys his time with Octopussy.

Bond Song

The title song All Time High, performed by Rita Coolidge, serves as a memorable highlight within the Bond musical repertoire. Coolidge's soulful rendition infuses the song with a sense of longing and passion, perfectly complementing the film's themes of espionage and romance. With its lush orchestration and evocative lyrics, All Time High captures the essence of James Bond's world, blending intrigue and allure in equal measure. Coolidge's mesmerizing vocals soar over the melodic arrangement, creating a captivating listening experience that resonates with audiences long after the credits roll. As one of the standout tracks in the Bond franchise, All Time High continues to enchant listeners with its timeless appeal and the enchanting performance by Rita Coolidge.


Role Actor Role Description
James Bond Roger Moore Main character, British MI6 secret agent.
Octopussy Maud Adams Title character, circus owner, and MI6 agent who allies with Bond in his mission.
Kamal Khan Louis Jourdan Swindler, dealer in precious stones, and main antagonist of the film.
Gobinda Kabir Bedi Khan's personal bodyguard and loyal associate.
General Orlov Steven Berkoff Russian general and former ally of Khan, who plans to invade Western Europe.
Magda Kristina Wayborn Khan's assistant and mistress.
Vijay Vijay Amritraj Local MI6 agent in India who assists Bond in his mission.
M Robert Brown Head of British MI6 secret service.
Moneypenny Lois Maxwell M's assistant.
Q Desmond Llewelyn MI6 technical expert who equips Bond with special inventions.
Fredrick Gray Geoffrey Keen Minister of State Security.
Agent 009 Andy Bradford MI6 agent who dies at the beginning of the film, leading James Bond, agent 007, to take over his mission.
General Gogol Walter Gotell Russian KGB general.

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