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The Spy Who Loved Me (1977): 10th Bond Movie

The Spy Who Loved Me is the tenth official James Bond movie and the third in which Roger Moore played the role of James Bond, Agent 007. Bond, in cooperation with his Russian counterpart, Agent Anya Amasova (code-named XXX), must investigate the kidnapping of two nuclear submarines and thwart the threat of world destruction.

Plot of the Film

James Bond, enjoying his leisure time in Austria, is called upon to trace the mysterious disappearance of a British and a Soviet submarine carrying ballistic missiles on board. As he departs, he is ambushed by Soviet agents. During the pursuit on skis, he kills one agent and cleverly deals with the others. Finally, he escapes his pursuers by jumping off a cliff and deploying a parachute with the British flag.

Bond heads to Egypt to meet his contact, Sheikh Hosein, where plans for a highly sophisticated tracking system capable of tracing submarines are said to be on the market. For the same purpose, the KGB sends its best agent, Major Anya Amasova.

Bond and Amasova compete to obtain the plans but eventually start cooperating after their superiors, M and General Gogol, agree to it. General Gogol joyfully watches as Bond and Amasova outsmart each other with their knowledge, marking their collaboration as a "new era in Anglo-Soviet cooperation."

Bond and Amasova travel across Egypt and track down a microfilm with plans for an advanced submarine tracking system. Along the way, they encounter Jaws, a towering assassin with metal teeth, suffering from a condition called gigantism, which has contributed to his gigantic stature. Jaws also appears in another Bond movie, Moonraker.

The investigation eventually leads them to a scientist with megalomaniacal plans named Karl Stromberg, who obsessively admires the underwater world. Disguised as a marine scientist, Bond arranges an audience with Stromberg at his base called Atlantis, a massive amphibious facility resembling a crab.

Stromberg had previously hired two scientists to help him build a submarine tracking device in exchange for a reward of 10 million dollars transferred to their account. Before they can enjoy their money, however, Stromberg remotely detonates them in a helicopter upon leaving Atlantis.

Stromberg also orders his beautiful personal pilot, Naomi, to kill Bond after his visit. She begins to pursue Bond's car with a helicopter and opens fire. Bond, along with his co-passenger, Agent Amasova, drives the car into the sea and fires a vertical missile from it, destroying Naomi's helicopter hovering above the surface. Bond then surprisingly drives the car out of the sea, much to the amazement of the locals.

Using the same car, Bond spies on Stromberg's underwater facilities. Bond discovers that Stromberg is using a giant tanker, Liparus, to capture submarines. During a conversation, it is revealed that Bond, who had earned Amasova's favor by saving her from Jaws' clutches, killed her lover while on vacation in Austria.

Amasova takes it hard, and she swears to kill him after completing their mission together, despite his attempts to explain that he was in a "kill or be killed" situation.

Later, during another investigation, this time aboard an American submarine, suspicions of both agents are confirmed that Stromberg operates submarine tracking devices from his Atlantis base. The Liparus tanker, with its specially modified bow, also engulfs an American submarine in the same manner as the previous ones.

Stromberg plans to launch nuclear warheads from the submarines at New York and Moscow. This would practically ignite a global nuclear war that would destroy terrestrial life. Stromberg would survive everything at Atlantis and found a new underwater civilization, of which he would become the ruler.

Bond manages to free the captured British, American, and Russian sailors, who engage in combat with the Liparus crew, and also reprogram the British and Soviet submarines to destroy each other, thus saving New York and Moscow from a nuclear attack. The sailors escape from the sinking Liparus on board the American submarine.

Agent Amasova is still on Atlantis, which is supposed to be destroyed by a missile attack according to orders. Time is ticking. Bond, during her rescue, confronts Stromberg, whom he kills, as well as Jaws, whom he throws into a tank with sharks.

Bond and Amasova leave the sinking Atlantis in an escape pod. Amasova reminds Bond of her vow and grabs his gun, but then admits that she has forgiven him. The rescue pod is discovered by the Royal Navy, and the superiors give them a awkward look as they find both agents in an intimate situation.

The film ends with a shot of Jaws floating in the water, his iron teeth biting into a shark.

Bond Song

Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon is the iconic title song for the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. With its soulful vocals and infectious melody, the song captivates listeners from the very first note. Carly Simon's velvety voice exudes confidence and allure, perfectly capturing the essence of the film's enigmatic protagonist, James Bond.

Lyrically, Nobody Does It Better celebrates Bond's unparalleled skills and charisma, portraying him as the epitome of sophistication and charm. The song's evocative lyrics and lush instrumentation create a sense of romance and adventure, transporting listeners into Bond's world of intrigue and danger.

As the music swells and builds to a crescendo, Carly Simon's impassioned delivery imbues the song with a sense of urgency and excitement, mirroring the pulse-pounding action of the film itself. With its memorable hook and timeless appeal, Nobody Does It Better remains a beloved classic among Bond theme songs, standing as a testament to Carly Simon's enduring talent and the enduring legacy of the Bond franchise.


Role Actor Role Description
James Bond Roger Moore Main character, British MI6 secret agent.
M Bernard Lee Head of the British secret service MI6.
Moneypenny Lois Maxwell Assistant to M.
Q Desmond Llewelyn Technical expert of MI6, who equips Bond with special inventions.
Anya Amasova Barbara Bach Russian KGB agent and Bond's ally.
Naomi Caroline Munro Stromberg's personal pilot and assassin.
Karl Stromberg Curd Jürgens Criminal planning to provoke a third world war and submerge the world under the sea.
Jaws Richard Kiel Criminal suffering from gigantism, Stromberg's right-hand man and personal bodyguard.
General Gogol Walter Gotell Russian KGB general.
Fredrick Gray Geoffrey Keen British Minister of Defense.
Captain Benson George Baker British naval captain who collaborates with Bond.
Sheikh Hosein Edward de Souza Arab sheikh, whose yacht serves as a base for Stromberg's organization.
Captain Carter Shane Rimmer American submarine captain who collaborates with Bond and Amasova.

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