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Die Another Day (2002): 20th Bond Movie

Die Another Day is the 20th Bond film in the series about agent James Bond. It was released in 2002 and directed by Lee Tamahori. Pierce Brosnan portrayed the role of agent 007 for the fourth and final time. The film brings the typical mix of action, intrigue, and espionage that is characteristic of Bond movies.


In Die Another Day, James Bond finds himself in another risky mission full of action and danger. This time, he must deal with the dangerous criminal Gustav Graves, who harbors dark plans threatening world peace. Bond finds himself in the midst of an uncompromising clash, where he must use his top-notch skills, charm, and fearlessness to neutralize the enemy and save the world from destruction. With new technological means and unexpected allies, Bond embarks on a dangerous journey that takes him to various corners of the planet and critical situations. In this adrenaline-fueled adventure, Bond must confront his demons, uncover betrayal, and surpass his own limits to save not only his life but the entire world.


James Bond infiltrates a North Korean military base commanded by Colonel Tan-Sun Moon, who trades conflict diamonds from Africa and weapons. After revealing Bond's true identity, Moon attempts to kill him. After a chase on hovercrafts ending with Moon's fall over a waterfall, Bond is captured by North Korean soldiers and imprisoned.

After fourteen months of captivity and torture, Bond is exchanged for Zao on the Bridge of No Return. Bond is drugged and taken to M, who informs him that his status as agent 00 has been suspended due to suspicions that he disclosed information to the North Koreans under pressure and torture. Bond believes that a double agent from the British side orchestrated everything. After escaping from MI6 custody, he travels to Hong Kong, where he learns from Chang, a Chinese agent and former colleague, that Zao is located in Cuba.

In Havana, Bond meets NSA agent Giacinta Johnson, known as Jinx, and follows her to a gene therapy clinic, where patients can change their appearance through DNA restructuring. Jinx kills therapy leader Dr. Alvarez, while Bond finds Zao and fights him. Zao escapes but leaves behind a medallion that leads Bond to a supply of conflict diamonds with the logo of British billionaire Gustav Graves.

Halle Berry as Jinx, NSA Agent and Bond Girl in Die Another Day

Figure: Halle Berry as Jinx, NSA Agent and Bond Girl in Die Another Day (source: Craiyon)

Bond learns that Graves appeared publicly only a year ago after discovering a diamond deposit in Iceland, which brought him wealth and fame. In the London Blades Club, Bond meets Graves and his assistant Miranda Frost, who is an MI6 agent undercover. After a fencing duel culminating in a fight with other weapons, Graves invites Bond to a demonstration of a scientific experiment in Iceland. M reinstates Bond's status as agent 00, and Q gives him an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish with active camouflage.

In his ice palace in Iceland, Graves reveals a new orbital satellite called Icarus, which can concentrate solar energy on a small area and provide year-round sunlight for agriculture. Bond seduces Miranda Frost, while Jinx infiltrates Graves' operations center but is captured in the process.

Bond rescues her and discovers that Graves is Colonel Moon, who used gene therapy technology to change his appearance and became wealthy from conflict diamonds. Bond confronts Graves but is betrayed by Miranda Frost, who had already betrayed him in North Korea, forcing Bond to flee. Bond in his specially modified Vanquish goes to the palace to rescue Jinx.

Graves activates Icarus to melt the ice palace. Zao pursues Bond into the palace in his Jaguar XKR. Bond kills Zao by causing the giant ice chandelier to fall and thus saves Jinx from drowning.

Bond and Jinx pursue Graves and Frost to the Korean peninsula as stowaways on Graves' An-124 cargo plane. Graves reveals his identity to his father and the true purpose of the Icarus satellite: to create a passage through the Korean Demilitarized Zone using concentrated solar radiation and thus allow a North Korean invasion of South Korea and unify the peninsula under their rule.

General Moon rejects his plan with horror and is murdered by Graves. Bond attempts to shoot Graves, but is thwarted by one of his soldiers. The bullet pierces the aircraft fuselage, causing rapid decompression and descent. Bond and Graves struggle while Jinx tries to gain control of the plane. Frost attacks Jinx, forcing her to defend herself in a sword fight. The aircraft passes through Icarus' beam, causing further damage. Jinx kills Frost. Graves prepares to escape with a parachute, but Bond opens his parachute, which sucks him into the engine and stops the Icarus beam. Bond and Jinx escape in a helicopter and spend a romantic evening together.


Role Actor Role Description
James Bond Pierce Brosnan British secret agent 007.
Gustav Graves Toby Stephens Wealthy businessman with a dark past.
Jinx (Giacinta Johnson) Halle Berry NSA agent, Bond girl.
Miranda Frost Rosamund Pike Double agent.
Zao Rick Yune North Korean agent, conflict diamond trader.
M Judi Dench Head of British Secret Service MI6.
Q John Cleese Court inventor of MI6.
Moneypenny Samantha Bond MI6 secretary and admirer of James Bond.


Bond Car

In Die Another Day, James Bond uses a specially modified Aston Martin V12 Vanquish equipped with a range of gadgets, weapons, and active camouflage.

Bond Song

The opening song Die Another Day is performed by American pop icon Madonna. The song is known for its electronic elements and energetic rhythm, which underline the typical Bond atmosphere. Die Another Day was commercially successful and became one of the iconic Bond songs. Madonna thus added her voice to the long line of famous artists who contributed to the music of Bond movies. The song was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song and became one of the most beloved soundtracks of the James Bond film series.

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Based on the original Czech article: Dnes neumírej (2002) – 20. bondovka.