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The World Is Not Enough (1999): 19th Bond Movie)

The World Is Not Enough is the nineteenth Bond film, released in 1999. It marks Pierce Brosnan's third appearance as the famous secret agent 007.


The story of The World Is Not Enough begins with James Bond being tasked with protecting Electra King, the daughter of murdered billionaire and oil tycoon Sir Robert King. Bond believes the attack that killed Sir Robert King was aimed at Electra and must find out who is behind it.

The World Is Not Enough – Oil Field

Figure: The World Is Not Enough – Oil Field (source: Craiyon)


During his investigation, Bond discovers that Renard, a terrorist who was injured during an assassination attempt on Electra King, is behind the bomb attack. Renard's head was hit by a bullet containing radioactive material, causing progressive nerve damage and inevitable death.

Rather than being consumed by pain, Renard becomes practically immune to it. However, this condition also gives him an advantage, as he appears to have nothing to lose and is willing to risk more than others. Renard seeks to gain control of Electra's oil empire.

Bond relies on his skills and information from M, the head of MI6, to stop Renard and protect Electra. During his investigation, Bond encounters various characters, including Valentin Zukov, a former ally of Renard who decides to cooperate with MI6. Zukov is disgusted by Renard and his plans, offering Bond his information and assistance.

Bond's journey takes him to various exotic locations, including Istanbul, Scotland, and Azerbaijan. Along the way, Bond uncovers Renard's sabotage and manipulation of oil fields. Renard also seeks to provoke a conflict between the Russian and British governments and gain control of a significant portion of the world's oil market.

Bond's heroic efforts are complicated by Electra, who suffers from Stockholm syndrome and gradually becomes part of Renard's plan. Her own motivations and desire for power lead her into a dangerous alliance with Renard, placing Bond in a complex situation where he must fight not only against the terrorist and his plans, but also against Electra, who becomes unpredictable and dangerous. Bond must decide whom to trust and how to save the world from both Renard and Electra.

During his investigation, Bond discovers that Renard's insatiable lust for power leads him to plan to acquire a nuclear weapon. Renard attempts to steal dangerous plutonium and use it to create a devastating nuclear explosion. Bond becomes the only obstacle in Renard's path to realizing his destructive plan.

During his journey, Bond teams up with agent Christmas Jones, a nuclear physicist who helps him uncover Renard's intentions and stop him. Together, they must fight their way through Renard's henchmen.

In the film's final act, a dramatic confrontation ensues between Bond, Renard, and Electra. Bond must confront his uncompromising adversary while also rescuing Electra, who has fallen into the trap of her own ambitions. In the final showdown, Bond manages to defeat Renard and prevent the realization of his destructive plan.

The World Is Not Enough concludes with a dramatic scene in which Bond saves Electra and reveals the truth about her betrayal. Their dangerous adventure comes to an end, and Bond continues with further MI6 missions, ready to face new challenges and save the world.

Bond Song

The Bond film The World Is Not Enough features the opening song titled The World Is Not Enough, written and performed by the band Garbage. The song was released as a single and became a major hit.

The World Is Not Enough is characterized by dark and atmospheric music that suits the style of Bond films. The song's lyrics touch on the theme of the lust for power and endless human desire. Garbage decided to experiment with different sounds and layering to create a unique and engaging Bond song.

The song The World Is Not Enough was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Song from a Film category and also charted high in the music charts in the United Kingdom and other countries.


The World Is Not Enough delivers what Bond fans expect from a Bond film – action, intrigue, charm, and an uncompromising hero portrayed by Pierce Brosnan. The film introduces new characters, dangers, and plots that keep the tension high and the audience on the edge of their seats.


Role Actor Role Description
James Bond Pierce Brosnan The main character, a British secret agent with the code name 007.
Renard Robert Carlyle The main antagonist. A dangerous terrorist suffering from a disease caused by radioactive material. He is ruthless, relentless, and unusually pain-resistant due to the disease, until his eventual death.
Electra King Sophie Marceau A wealthy and enterprising woman who becomes a target of terrorists. She is intelligent, charismatic, and witty, but also hides a dark side of her personality.
Christmas Jones Denise Richards An attractive nuclear physicist who plays a key role in uncovering the terrorists' plans. She is brave, intelligent, and an expert in nuclear issues.
Sir Robert King David Calder A British industrialist and father of Electra King. He is wealthy, influential, and becomes a target of terrorist attacks.
M Judi Dench The head of the British Secret Service MI6, who assigns missions to Bond.
Q Desmond Llewelyn A technical expert of MI6 who supplies Bond with special inventions and gadgets.


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