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Discover valuable insights beyond the realm of gambling. Explore a diverse range of informative content, offering practical knowledge and perspectives that extend far beyond the confines of the gaming world. Expand your understanding and gain useful information applicable to various aspects of life.

Gambling Game Definition

It is not an easy task to define a gambling game precisely, especially with regard to various legislative or regulatory measures – is a certain game subject to regulations or not? We give a general definition of the gambling game and supporting criteria, particularly true odds vs payouts, degree of chance vs skills and amount of stakes. Read

Gambling Rules

The rules of reasonable gambling can be put into three points: (1) have a good mood, (2) know the game(s) and true mathematical odds, (3) set your limits. Sometimes a great deal of discipline is necessary to keep these rules. Although it is not always easy, doing so will be compensated for by higher winning chances and/or elimination of unnecessary losses. Read

Moral Hazard

Moral hazard occurs when an individual, entity, or society doesn't fully bear the risk or consequences of its actions. This is often mitigated by insurance, (government) guarantees, bailouts, etc. A person may (or may not) tend to behave differently when not fully accountable for their actions or when consequences are softened. Here are some examples. Read