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Roulette Systems & Strategies

Roulette – the Queen of casino games – with its wide range of bets, was born for various betting strategies and systems. The players have been trying to find a system or let us say a guaranteed ever-winning system from time out of mind. Therefore many Roulette systems were developed and they are as old as the game itself.

Do Roulette Systems Guarantee an Automatic Win?

If somebody is telling you that there is a roulette system leading to a certain win, then he or she is lying. Just ask this simple question: "Could the casinos exist then?" Don't get yourself fooled!

That is because of the fundamental of all casino games (and the probability theory), which always gives house advantage (perhaps except of Perfect Black Jack). And the betting strategies cannot change a thing. Mathematically speaking it is still about the expected value that determines the house edge in the long run.

Why to Use Betting Strategies or Systems (not only in Roulette)?

The Roulette systems & strategies are very remarkable, amusing and they give the game some kind of magical impression. Some of the Roulette systems can truly improve your winning chances – from the psychological point of view.

If you are lucky and the systems work, you may have a good feeling that you have done well. If you lose, you are unlucky, but your loss is stylish and you do not lose your money at once as a sucker.

The betting systems can also help you eliminate the state of mind, when you are unlucky and desperately trying to change the course of events. However, in this case, it would be far more reasonable to leave the game completely.

The Most Famous Roulette Systems

The following Roulette systems or strategies belong to the most famous ones:

Do you know the favorite bet of the Secret Service agent 007 James Bond? Look how it can be improved! Each Roulette system is described in a detailed manner with practical exhibits.

I recommend familiarizing with the Roulette systems first and trying them out for free, so that you can use them swiftly when playing Roulette for real. You can well use a home desk Roulette with pen and paper or you can try playing a computer game with fictive chips.

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