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Dive into a world of excitement with our diverse selection of games. Explore thrilling gambling options and engaging skill-based challenges in our captivating collection of 'Other Games'. While currently limited, stay tuned for an ever-growing array of games to elevate your gaming experience and fun.

Chess for Money

Chess is the royal game, or at least that's what they say. It's not a gambling game because its outcome doesn't depend on chance but on skills and abilities. Nevertheless, chess can also be spiced up with small bets, playing for money. Read

Coin Toss

Although even coin tossing could be the subject of bets (we'll show you how), it is more commonly used as an element of chance for various decision-making situations. For example, determining who will kick off in football or who will endure a round of drinks at a social event. More complex bets involve more than just the outcome of a single toss, bringing probability into play. Read

Shell Game – Thimblerig

Dividend is a share of a company's profit typically paid to its shareholders on quarterly basis or once in a year. It is a pleasant matter associated with holding stocks. As a shareholder, you own a part of the company, even if it's a negligible stake. You bear the risk of business operations, for which you have the right to be rewarded in the form of a share in the profit. Read