On these pages, we aim to address topics such as whether purchasing stocks can be considered gambling ("gambling vs. investing"), and if so, when or under what conditions. We also explore concepts like moral hazard. Our goal is to present everything in a way that is understandable even for the layperson.


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Dividend is a share of a company's profit typically paid to its shareholders on quarterly basis or once in a year. It is a pleasant matter associated with holding stocks. As a shareholder, you own a part of the company, even if it's a negligible stake. You bear the risk of business operations, for which you have the right to be rewarded in the form of a share in the profit. Read


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Investment Triangle

The investment triangle is a useful tool for every investor. The vertices of the investment triangle consist of yield, risk, and liquidity. A clear explanation of individual elements, rules derived from the investment triangle, and examples. Read

Is Buying Stocks a Game of Chance?

Those who trade on the stock market are sometimes labeled as gamblers, likening stock purchases to visits to a casino. Sometimes, these claims may not be far from the truth. However, as always, when two do the same, it's not the same. Under what conditions is buying stocks a sensible investment, and when can it be considered a gamble? Read


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Many people consider stocks to be something virtual, very risky, fearing a decline in their market value, or even the company's collapse. They may have their own (bad) experiences from the past, etc. And those who buy them may be labeled as gamblers by some people. How can we perceive stocks? Read