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Dice Games

The index, guides and rules of famous and less well-known dice games such as Craps, Dice Poker or Sic Bo.


Not only Craps is the most exciting dice game, but it also offers better odds than e.g. Roulette if you use the best betting strategy. Learn the rules and discover the best bets in Craps! Read

Chevalier de Mere's Probability Problem in Dice

One of the best-known probability problems, which partly laid the ground of modern probability theory, is dated back to the year 1654 and is connected with the name of the Flemish Renaissance gambler Chevalier de Mere. Read

Dice Poker

Dice Poker is a simple game with a quick drift to events. The game was inspired by the well-known card version of Poker. Read

French Bank

Although according to the name it may sound paradoxical, French Bank is a Portugal dice game, which is played with three dice. The game is very simple. There are only three possible bets in the French Bank: Low, High & Aces. Read

Sic Bo, Grand Hazard, Chuck-a-Luck

Sic Bo ("Precious Dice") is an old Chinese game, which is played with three dice. In the Western countries the game is also known as Grand Hazard, Chuck-a-Luck or Birdcage. Players can wager on various combinations of three dice. Read

Under & Over 7

The principle of Under and Over 7 is to guess if the sum of two dice is lower or higher than Seven or equal. These are the only bets in the game. Read