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About This Website and Its Mission

The website was created and written by Jindrich Pavelka, an admirer of human ingenuity and fantasy, born and living in the heart of Europe – the Czech Republic. This website is loosely based on its Czech version: Hazardní

Just think of how many games and wagers within were invented. I was always interested in sort of mathematical point of view – what is the chance to win when gambling? The studies of the theory of probability were very useful. The current nice graphics was designed by Radek Zahradnicek.

The mission of this website could be the following: "Optimize your winning chances and eliminate unnecessary losses". It says that if you like playing casino games you can always do better the more you know about the games and their rules. The calculations and decision making are based on the probability and aim at giving you the true and fair view of your winning chances. As in a vast majority of cases a casino has some edge over a player, you should be warned against unfair websites that promise you "sure" or "guaranteed" winnings. There is nothing like that! You can ask yourself a simple question: Would casinos exist then?

Despite I am not a native English speaker I believe that the content of this website overcomes eventual language imperfections (in that case please excuse them). Your help to improve this website would be appreciated as well as your remarks, ideas for new articles, words of praise or criticism – feel free to drop me a line.

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Good Luck not only in gaming and betting!

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