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Scratch Cards

The scratch cards are a popular form of lottery. Who has never bought a scratch ticket in their life? The popularity of scratch cards arises mainly from two reasons. First, it is a low cost gambling with high potential prizes and second, whether you win or lose is determined instantly, there is no need to wait for a drawing.

Classic Scratch Cards

The classic scratch cards are made of paper or plastics and they are equipped with an opaque covering that can be scratched off by nail, coin or other aid at hand. The covering conceals information, whether the ticket is winning or not, specific winning amount of money or symbols that determine the winning amount. For some scratch cards it is needed to scratch off the whole covering or e.g. just three fields or it might be even necessary to solve a simple quiz or a riddle in order to scratch off the right fields.

There are various motives to make the scratch cards more attractive such as sports, fairy tails and cars. Some scratch cards even represent a slot machine or a poker game, when the stronger hand you get, the higher win you receive.

Online Scratch Cards

Due to development of electronics and the Internet, a variety of scratch cards has grown rapidly. The popularity of online scratch cards has been increasing at a greater pace than any other form of lottery. The online scratch cards imitate classic ones and moreover they bring a number of interactive elements. An internet scratch card may be more like a game, however the classics do not need worry – there is a plenty of scratch cards available that anyone can choose from.

As for electronic scratch cards the prizes usually range from 1 to 100,000 dollars or euros based on a price and a type of a scratch card. However the winnings as high as $/€ 1,000,000 are not an exception.

In terms of fair play, serious online casinos generate the scratch cards using a random number generator that is approved and verified by an independent third party and which guarantees fair playing conditions, especially that the result of the scratch cards depends truly on chance.

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