James Bond's Favorite Bet in Roulette & Its Improvement

James Bond's favorite bet in Roulette is the bet on two dozen. Namely 100,000 francs on the first dozen and 100,000 francs of the second dozen. It is a simple bet, we can say, which brings the profit of 100,000 francs if successful. However this bet can be improved – look how 200,000 francs can be distributed in much better way!

The Principle of James Bond's Bet

The bet covers almost two thirds of the Roulette layout – numbers from 1 to 24. Basically the win is paid out as the bet on adjacent dozens 1:2, because if one dozen wins (with the payout 2:1), another one loses. Therefore the profit is 100,000 francs times 2 = 200,000 minus the loss of 100,000 on the other dozen = net profit 100,000 francs.

Improvement of the James Bond's Bet

The James Bond's bet in Roulette can be realized in better fashion! The Bond's bet loses instantly if the third dozen (25–36) or zero come up. The bet can be improved in two ways. The bet loses anyway if the third dozen comes up, but the betting strategy of James Bond can be improved via the zero!

Low Numbers & Line Bet 19–24

The main improvement of James Bond's bet consists in distributing the same capital of 200,000 francs in more efficient way. Therefore we bet 150,000 francs on Low numbers (1–18) and remaining 50,000 on the Line 19–24.

If one of the Low numbers comes up then the win makes 150,000 × 2 = 300,000 and thus the net profit is 100,000 francs (after deduction of the initial bet and the loss on the other dozen).

If the Line Bet wins then it is 50,000 × 5 = 250,000 − 150,000 (loss of the Low numbers) = net profit 100,000 francs again.

The big difference from the original James Bond's bet comes about when zero comes up. In French Roulette the bets are frozen in this case and their fate is determined by the next spin. Therefore James Bond would have a chance to get his bet back, if any Low number came up in the next spin. The original James Bond's bet (on two dozens) would be killed by the zero instantly!

Low Numbers & Line Bet 19–24 & Insurance against Zero

Another attractive way to improve James Bond's bet is to bet 140,000 francs on Low numbers (1–18), 50,000 francs on the Line (19–24) and remaining 10,000 francs as an insurance against zero. Now James Bond would be unlucky only if the third dozen came up.

If any Low number comes up, then the win is 140,000 × 2 = 280,000 and the net profit is 80,000 francs.

If the Line bet wins then the net profit is 50,000 × 5 = 250,000 − 140,000 (loss on low numbers) − 10,000 (loss of insurance against zero) = 100,000 francs.

And finally if the zero comes up, then the net profit is 10,000 × 35 = 350,000 − 140,000 (low numbers loss) − 50,000 (zero insurance) = 160,000 francs. Moreover the bet on the Low numbers would be frozen and James Bond could get his 140,000 francs back if any Low number came up in the following spin. The net profit would be 300,000 francs in this case!

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