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A Guaranteed Way to Win at Roulette?

Roulette is a grateful topic of internet discussions. Over and over again guides, hints or systems occur, promising a guaranteed way of winning at Roulette. The camp of discussants is divided into advocates and opponents that eagerly fight for their arguments. This inspired us to write this article. Is there a guaranteed way to win at Roulette?

A typical guide for a guaranteed win at Roulette looks as follows:

  1. Bet $1 on black (or red) color,
  2. If you lose, bet again but twice as much, that is $2,
  3. If you lose again (at any time), double your previous bet once more ($4) etc.,
  4. When you succeed finally (the black color must come out at any time soon...), you win $8 minus the previous lost bets of $7 ($1 + $2 + $4) and that makes $1 netto at any time you manage to overcome (or close down) the unfavorable series. No matter how long it takes, you simply cannot lose, the win is guaranteed!

More precisely, the guide above often includes the zero item that encourages you to register at an online casino, whereas the "philanthropist" (author of the guide) has a commission. There is nothing against this business model, but the guide is based on a lie. These "good-hearted" persons claim that they have had enough and decided to share their secrets. Their sort of invention cannot be denied though.

They present themselves as members of a club of mathematical geniuses that discovered a ground-breaking mean to get rich by playing Roulette. Some of them even have a relatively well-designed websites full of fancy cars, luxury yachts and pretty women. Of course you can have it too if you stick to their guide. But wait a minute, would not be casinos the biggest charity organizations in the world then?

There Is No Easy Way

Naturally just a mention of a sure win at Roulette or any other casino or lottery game rises (or should rise) suspicions and is dishonest and untrustworthy. Even though we can find those who would give a selfless hint for free or share their secrets, the opposite would likely hold true. In any case no hint, guide, strategy or system can reverse an implicit house edge. Therefore it is impossible to beat casinos in the long run. Here the "good" hint is motivated by endeavor to earn on those who believe that they can keep winning easily. There is rarely something like an easy way in life, not to mention gambling industry.

However the above-mentioned guide how to win for sure can work for some period of time, but it is at least very tricky. This strategy has a name; it is called the Martingale system. You can find more on it under the link.

We can say briefly that the system is based on the doubling of the bets after each lost spin until we win. The problem is that you can hit long series of losses that will actually ruin your capital. One needs to bear in mind that the bets doubling grows exponentially. Another issue is that the casinos secure themselves by setting the limits of maximum bets, therefore you cannot double infinitely even though you might afford it theoretically. After all we ran several Roulette tests and simulations that prove it, for example the first grand test of the Martingale system with limited bets.

Sometimes the "advisors" argue that if you begin with a very low bet – thus there is enough room to double – that the Martingale strategy works. The chance of losing rapidly decreases, that is true, but it is definitely not any guarantee of long term sustainable earnings!


The earnings are guaranteed for casinos only as they have a mathematically given house edge over the players. The house edge is calculated on the basis of the expected value and it is a prerequisite for the casinos to be profitable in the long-term period. If the players were able to get the edge on their side (perhaps it is possible in Black Jack only under some circumstances), the casinos would cease to exist. This article is in no way aimed against the casinos (that run regular but very specific business) or gaming (as entertainment), but it is against the unfair "advisors" that try to take advantage of some players' credulousness.

It is vital to always keep in mind that gambling games are useful for entertainment, but inappropriate for stable earnings as the edge is (almost) always on casinos' side. The one, who believes that he or she can keep winning using the Martingale system, will have to wait for their destructive long series that will come sooner or later.

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Based on the original Czech article: Zaručená výhra v ruletě?